Call for interest

For Civil Society Organizations

Sustainable development goals
SDG goal 3 health
SDG goal 2 hunger
SDG goal 12 economy

A call for the interest of civil organizations to pursue open innovation

Answer the Call for Interest

Take part in participative roundtables to help us identify challenges to bring to the Calls for Innovators.

Help create a virtuous alliance with those in the world of innovation.

Receive funding to cover the costs of design and production

Allow our experts to help you along the process of creating solutions and launching them in the target countries.

Coopen has an overall budget available of 1.8 million euros.




August 2020

The Coopen team selects the best candidates based on the following criteria:

  1. Organizational experience in the area of interest (the circular economy, good health and well-being, food and sustainable agriculture)
  2. Organizational experience in the target countries (Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali)
  3. Overall evaluation of the organization and of the team available to work on the project – evaluation of CVs
  4. The organization’s innovation propensity

The selection results will be available in August.

See the call for interest for more details.


From 14/09/2020 to 22/09/2020

The Civil Organizations selected will be invited to a participative roundtable on one of three areas of interest.
Through a shared process of design thinking, they help identify the challenges to face in the target countries in Africa.

The participative roundtables will be held remotely through video conference systems.


September - October 2020

The Coopen team summarizes the results from the participative roundtables and reworks them to make a map with at most seven challenges per area of interest.


October 2020

After the co-creation process, a report on each of the three areas of interest will be published.


Coopen means to create impactful solutions between Italy and Africa in three key areas

Circular Economy

Help us find substantive, inclusive and sustainable solutions for a new production / consumption model based on sharing, reusing and repairing materials. 


Food and Sustainable Agriculture

We are looking for innovative solutions to improve agricultural productivity, increase biodiversity and mitigate the consequences of climate change.


Health and Well-being

We support the development of innovative digital health services, with a focus on mobile platforms as well as education and capacity-building for medical and healthcare personnel.