Call for innovators

Health and Well-being

Sustainable development goals
SDG goal 3 health

We are looking for innovative solutions in the field of good health and well-being to implement in at-risk environments with scarce resources.

We support the development of innovative digital health services, with a focus on mobile platforms as well as education and capacity-building for medical and healthcare personnel.



From 13/09/2021 to 08/11/2021

The call is open up to 08 November 2021 (by 11:59 pm CET)

Download the Call, read the FAQ, fill out the Application Form.


From 09/11/2021 to 17/01/2022

The Coopen team selects the best 15 candidates based on the following criteria:

  1. Ability to respond to the challenge
  2. Innovation and technical feasibility of the project
  3. Evaluation of the project team’s competence
  4. Experience and ability to bring innovative products to the market

Demo Day


During the Demo Days 7 teams have been selected:

  • AfyaRekod (Kenya)
  • Chiwarà (Senegal)
  • De-LAB srl SB (Uganda)
  • Digital Health Uganda (Uganda)
  • Ilara Health (Kenya)
  • Medere S.r.l. (Uganda)
  • Tech Care For All (Uganda)

Incubation and Acceleration

From 01/04/2022 to 30/06/2022

The innovative teams selected are partnered with a business incubator/accelerator and an organization that has promoted the challenge at the participative roundtables. These partnerships are part of a 3-month incubation/acceleration program.

The parternships created for the Food and Sustainable Agriculture call are:

  • CBM Italia ONLUS & Medere S.r.l.
  • Rainbow For Africa & Chiwarà
  • Fondazione Piero e Lucille Corti Onlus & Tech Care For All
  • Comunità di S. Egidio – ACAP & Ilara Health
  • African Medical and Research Foundation & De-LAB srl SB
  • Fondazione Opera San Francesco Saverio – Medici con l’Africa CUAMM & Global Auto Systems Limited Uganda
  • COL’OR NGO & AfyaRekod


July - November 2022

The expert-led coaching and mentorship process is finalized and contributes to projects grounding.

Afterward, the innovative products or services are launched in the target market.

Final presentation

December 2022

At the end of the coaching and mentoring processes, the grounding of the pilot projects is concluded. The solutions are presented to the main stakeholders of the international development cooperation sector.


Coopen means to create impactful solutions between Italy and Africa in three key areas

Circular Economy

Help us find substantive, inclusive and sustainable solutions for a new production / consumption model based on sharing, reusing and repairing materials. 


Food and Sustainable Agriculture

We are looking for innovative solutions to improve agricultural productivity, increase biodiversity and mitigate the consequences of climate change.